Enhancing Your Smart Home with Bluetooth Tracking: Apollo MSR-1 and AIR-1 Integration with Home Assistant/ESPHome

Enhancing Your Smart Home with Bluetooth Tracking: Apollo MSR-1 and AIR-1 Integration with Home Assistant/ESPHome


In the era of smart homes, the Apollo MSR-1 and AIR-1 sensors stand out as game-changers, especially with their Bluetooth tracking capabilities seamlessly integrated with Home Assistant and ESPHome. This blog post delves into how these innovative sensors can enhance your smart home experience, offering both convenience and advanced monitoring.

What are Apollo MSR-1 and AIR-1?:

Apollo Automation's MSR-1 and AIR-1 are cutting-edge sensors designed for the modern smart home. The MSR-1 is known for its compact size and diverse sensor array, while the AIR-1 focuses on air quality monitoring. Both devices are equipped with ESP32-C3-Mini for Bluetooth tracking, making them invaluable for Home Assistant/ESPHome users.

Integration with Home Assistant/ESPHome:

Integrating the MSR-1 and AIR-1 with Home Assistant or ESPHome is straightforward, offering a user-friendly experience even for beginners. With extensive documentation available on Apollo's wiki and GitHub, setting up these sensors is a breeze. Once integrated, they open a world of possibilities for smart home automation and monitoring.

The Power of Bluetooth Tracking:

Bluetooth tracking is a standout feature of both the MSR-1 and AIR-1. This technology allows you to track the presence of Bluetooth-enabled devices in your home. For instance, you can easily locate your Android phone, track the movement of family members, or even monitor your pet’s location with a Bluetooth beacon attached to their collar.

Use Cases in a Smart Home:

  1. Locating Devices: Misplaced your phone in the house? The Bluetooth tracking feature can help you find it.
  2. Room Occupancy: Know who’s in a room based on their Bluetooth device, enhancing security and personalization of room settings.
  3. Pet Monitoring: Attach a Bluetooth beacon to your pet’s collar and keep tabs on their whereabouts.

Benefits of Bluetooth Tracking with MSR-1 and AIR-1:

  • Enhanced Security: Keep an eye on who enters and leaves your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Automate lights and HVAC based on room occupancy detected by Bluetooth.
  • Convenience: Automate routines like turning on the coffee machine when you enter the kitchen in the morning.


The Apollo MSR-1 and AIR-1 sensors redefine home automation through their Bluetooth tracking feature. Integrated with Home Assistant/ESPHome, they provide a seamless and smart way to enhance the functionality of your home. Embrace the future of smart home technology with Apollo Automation’s innovative solutions.

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