Revolutionize Your Smart Home Air Quality Monitoring with Apollo AIR-1

Revolutionize Your Smart Home Air Quality Monitoring with Apollo AIR-1


In the evolving landscape of smart home technology, air quality monitoring has become a crucial component for health and comfort. The Apollo AIR-1 emerges as a standout solution, offering a comprehensive suite of sensors and features at a price that challenges industry leaders. This blog post delves into the unique advantages of the Apollo AIR-1, comparing it with high-end competitors like Airthings View Plus and budget-friendly options like IKEA VINDRIKTNING.

Unmatched Affordability and Features:

Priced at an accessible $88.99, the Apollo AIR-1 provides a robust air quality monitoring solution that is both comprehensive and affordable. Unlike its competitors, such as the Airthings View Plus at $299.00 and the AirGradient ONE Assembled Version at $195.00, the AIR-1 offers superior value without compromising on functionality.

Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring:

The Apollo AIR-1 is equipped with the advanced SEN55 sensor, capable of measuring a wide array of air quality indicators including PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, VOC, and NOx. Optional enhancements like the MiCS-4514 sensor add capabilities for detecting CO, Ammonia, Ethanol, Hydrogen, NO2, and Methane, making the AIR-1 one of the most versatile monitors on the market.

Seamless Smart Home Integration:

With full out-of-the-box integration with Home Assistant/ESPHome, the AIR-1 surpasses competitors that require complex setups or workarounds. This ease of integration ensures that users can effortlessly incorporate the AIR-1 into their smart home systems, enhancing automation and control over their indoor environment.

Long-Term Reliability:

The Apollo AIR-1 boasts a sensor lifespan of 10 years, significantly outlasting the 3-year lifespan of sensors in devices like the AirGradient ONE. This long-term reliability ensures that users can depend on accurate air quality monitoring for years to come.

Designed for User Convenience:

The compact size of the AIR-1 (61mm x 61mm x 30mm) allows for discreet placement in any room, and its USB-C power supply ensures easy and universal charging. Additionally, the device's RGB LED offers visual alerts for air quality changes, adding a layer of user-friendly interaction.


The Apollo AIR-1 stands as a testament to the possibilities of affordable, comprehensive air quality monitoring within the smart home ecosystem. It challenges the status quo set by brands like Airthings and AirGradient, offering unparalleled features and ease of integration at a fraction of the cost. For smart homeowners looking to enhance their living environment with accurate, reliable air quality monitoring, the Apollo AIR-1 represents the pinnacle of innovation and value.

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