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MTR-1 Multi-target Radar For Home Assistant (ld2450)

MTR-1 Multi-target Radar For Home Assistant (ld2450)

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Introducing the Apollo MTR-1 for ESPHome, a multi target radar multisensor. The MTR-1 packs a diverse array of sensors in an affordable and compact package. With dimensions of 49mm by 32mm and a profile of just 15mm, this sensor can seamlessly integrate into any space. Multiple targets, zones, target coordinates, RGB, buzzer, LUX/UV, CO2 (optional) are all things the MTR-1 can measure.

Powered via USB-C and a standard wall plug, the device uses WIFI to connect to ESPHome on your Home Assistant install. 

We proudly offer the software and CAD drawings to the community, encouraging all to modify and improve upon them. For more information, visit our GitHub or wiki. We're eager to see the innovative adaptations you come up with. Join our Discord community to share your unique remakes, or to engage in discussions about future products.

Use Cases

Use the ld2450 mmWave to instantly detect when someone walks into the room and turn on the lights. The MTR-1 also has multi target and multi zone. You will not only know when someone comes into the room, you'll know where they are.


The mmWave location function allows you to know if someone is at the stove, sink, or refrigerator in your kitchen. Is someone on the couch, or sitting in the chair? 

The mmWave can also be placed under your bed to determine if someone is in the bed or not. This can make for great morning or alarm automations.

The RGB led is great for notifications. Trash night? Turn the LED green. Mail in the mailbox? Turn the LED blue.

The piezo buzzer is great for notifications you don't want to miss (also good for party tricks playing songs). Has your CO2 level risen to very high levels? Beep the sensor to let you know to open a window. Did your front door just open? Beep once as a notification.

Use the UV sensor to let you know how much sun is coming through the window. Or use the LUX sensor to only turn on the lights if it is dark in the room.

The optional CO2 sensor is very eye opening. Many people do not know the air in their office or bedroom reaches CO2 levels that have an affect on you. From poor sleep at night, drowsiness in the office, and brain fog can all be caused by high CO2. This sensor will let you know if your levels are getting too high and you need to turn on the air circulation or open a window.


mmWave Radar Sensor (HLK-ld2450)

  • Max Distance: 6m (19.6 ft)
  • Max Number Of Targets: 3
  • Number of Zones: 4


LUX and UV Sensor (LTR-390UV)


Temperature / Pressure Sensor (DPS310)

Provides accurate readings of temperature and pressure. The pressure enhances the readings from the CO2 sensor. Note: The ESP32-C3 in constant WiFi connection generates significant heat; you might need to adjust the offset based on your setup and the temperature won't be as good as a dedicated sensor with less heat build up.

C02 Sensor (Optional SCD-40)

This optional add-on brings a CO2 sensor to the package, which comes pre-calibrated and ready to use. (This device does not meet the requirements for CO2 safety monitoring per the NBIC, NFPA, or IFC)


Bluetooth Tracker(ESP32-C3-Mini) - YAML Config Required

Track Bluetooth devices in your house, letting you know which devices are closest to the sensor. You will need to know the MAC of the Bluetooth devices you want to track.

  • Find your phone if you left it in the office or the bedroom.
  • Know who just walked into the room.
  • Track a beacon attached to your dog's collar.


RGB Pixel

  • RGB neopixel

Piezo Buzzer

Emits different beep patterns based on various alerts.


What's in the box?

  • 1 x Apollo MSR-1 (Assembled board, and case)
  • Links to our documentation, open source code, and CAD models
  • Sticker of Apollo, the dog featured on this sensor 

 Extras Always available:

  • Access to our discord for support, product announcements, and home automation ideas.  Link
  • Access to our code and CAD files for you to remix or browse community remixes. Link
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zachary Peterson

Works great!

Edward Browne
Unable to add to HASS with virgin ESPHome integration

To be clear,
- I did not have ESPHome installed prior, and these are the first devices I am adding via that integration
- I have a segmented VLAN setup on a Ubiquiti UDM-Pro with built-in mDNS reflection that gives me lots of trouble.
- I have not yet tried connecting directly to my HASS instance via USB — I am unclear if that is actually required for your devices, as you already have a web server and WIFI setup built-in and these are not raw home-built devices.

But I would say my feedback is you should address virgin ESPHome MSR-1/MTR-1 installs, and whether the USB direct connection is required as the ESPHome webpages states.


Thanks for your support and feedback! Sorry to hear about the ESPHome install. It should be very easy. Just to confirm, are you talking about the ESPHome Integration or add on? See below:

Add On:


Integration vs. Add On:

I have a Ubiquiti Unifi network setup and had to make sure the mDNS and IGMP Snooping were on. I also have a firewall rule with a one-way connection that allows my main network talk to my IOT network. We have a guide on our wiki for this exact issue. See below:

You should be able to grab the IP address from your router and can add them directly that was as well.

Have you reached out to us for support already? We just want to make sure we did not miss something. Keep us updated!

Justin Bunton
Co-Founder | Community Lead
Apollo Automation

Nikko Pabion

MTR-1 Multi-target Radar For Home Assistant (ld2450)

Do the Wave
Consider the MRS-1 Instead!

I want to like the MTR-1 so much, but unfortunately I tasted the greatness of Apollo Automation’s first product: the MRS-1! I am still learning how to take advantage of the fact unique features of the MTR-1, but here’s what I can say so far… Still target detection in the MTR-1 cannot hold a candle to the MSR-1. The MSR’s LD2410b is too good. The MTR’s LD2450, at least out of the box, doesn’t have the ability to track still objects for sustained intervals. Crossing my fingers for a firmware update. From what I can tell, individuals must be standing upright, walking, or moving. Forget lying on the bed or sitting on the couch. Certainly, not covered by a blanket for the duration of the night. It’s not sensitive enough for that. I was hoping to count individuals on the bed. I’d consider the MTR much closer to a sophisticated PIR sensor with zones. I love that it can count people, but sometimes one person becomes two (ghosting) and often only one person is detected when there are two. I also miss the gates from the MSR that allow the sensitivity tuning. Tracking 2-dimensional zones and location is awesome (the MSR is 1-dimensional), but I loose people as soon as they’re still for more than 10-15 seconds. I appreciate that Apollo made this sensor at the request of the community, but I agree with their initial impression that the LD2450 likely doesn’t fit our desires. As far as the other sensors, the heat put off by the mmWave/ESP32 sensor is too much for the temperature tracking (reads 140-150F all the time on WiFi light settings), but man I love the Lux/UV light sensor for lighting automations. The 3-D printed case is clean, and I love that the USB-C extends from the back. I haven’t given up on this product, but I got spoiled by the MRS-1! I’ll be ordering more MRS-1s!

Jerry Aycock
Amazing - SMALL package

the tracking is fantastic. Can't believe how small the package is..