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MSR-2 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant (ld2410)

MSR-2 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant (ld2410)

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We are excited to introduce the Apollo MSR-2 sensor, a updated version of our popular MSR-1, developed with your feedback. The MSR-2 builds on the foundation of the MSR-1, incorporating several incremental upgrades to enhance performance and usability.

What’s New?

• Compact Design: The MSR-2 comes in a smaller form factor, making it easier to integrate into your projects and living spaces without compromising functionality.

• Additional Expansion Slot: We've added an extra expansion slot on the back, this allows new accessories like a back facing USB port for clean installations.

• Updated Sensors: We’ve changed the pressure sensor to the DPS310 for improved accuracy. Please note, the base MSR-2 will only include pressure and temperature, humidity readings from the BME280 on such small boards were difficult to configure. However, humidity sensing can still be added through the optional CO2 sensor module.


For MSR-1 Users: The MSR-2 is designed as an incremental update to incorporate your feedback and is not a major upgrade from the MSR-1. Both sensors will continue to be supported, and updates will be provided as part of our commitment to all our users.

Use Cases

Use the mmWave to instantly detect when someone walks into the room and turn on the lights. Since mmWave is so good at still detection (detecting you sitting very still), you can also keep the lights on while you are in the room.


The mmWave can also be placed under your bed to determine if someone is in the bed or not. This can make for great morning or alarm automations.


The RGB led is great for notifications. Trash night? Turn the LED green. Mail in the mailbox? Turn the LED blue.


The piezo buzzer is great for notifications you don't want to miss (also good for party tricks playing songs). Has your CO2 level risen to very high levels? Beep the sensor to let you know to open a window. Did your front door just open? Beep once as a notification.


Use the UV sensor to let you know how much sun is coming through the window. Or use the LUX sensor to only turn on the lights if it is dark in the room.


The optional CO2 sensor is very eye opening. Many people do not know the air in their office or bedroom reaches CO2 levels that have an affect on you. From poor sleep at night, drowsyness in the office, and brain fog can all be caused by high CO2. This sensor will let you know if your levels are getting too high and you need to turn on the air circulation or open a window.



mmWave Radar Sensor (HLK-ld2410b)

  • 1 Target tracking
  • Very good still detection
  • Very good tuning capability


LUX and UV Sensor (LTR-390UV)


Temperature  / Pressure Sensor (DPS310)

Provides accurate readings of temperature, humidity, and pressure. The pressure enhances the readings from the CO2 sensor. Note: The ESP32-C3 in constant WiFi connection generates significant heat; you might need to adjust the offset based on your setup and the temperature/humidity won't be as good as a dedicated sensor with less heat build up.


C02 Sensor (Optional SCD-40)

  • True CO2 sensing

Bluetooth Tracker(ESP32-C3-Mini) - YAML Config Required

Track Bluetooth devices in your house, letting you know which devices are closest to the sensor. You will need to know the MAC of the Bluetooth devices you want to track.

  • Find your phone if you left it in the office or the bedroom.
  • Know who just walked into the room.
  • Track a beacon attached to your dog's collar.

RGB Pixel

  • RGB neopixel

Piezo Buzzer

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Apollo MSR-2 (Assembled board, and case)
  • Links to our documentation, open source code, and CAD models
  • Sticker of Apollo, the dog featured on this sensor

Add Ons

 Extras Always available:

  • Access to our discord for support, product announcements, and home automation ideas.  Link
  • Access to our code and CAD files for you to remix or browse community remixes. Link


  • We hope to build a community on our discord and continue delivering products the community wants. Our team will be there to help answer any questions, suggestions, or problems you might have. Join us here: link
  • Wiki for documentation:
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Matthew Collins

MSR-2 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant (ld2410)

jorge gomez

Excellent. Service ship everything. Customer service trouble shoot

Michael Friedman

MSR-2 mmWave Multisensor For Home Assistant (ld2410)

good product

this does what it says on the tin and works well