Apollo Automation MSR-1 Featured in Make It Work's mmWave Comparison Video

Apollo Automation MSR-1 Featured in Make It Work's mmWave Comparison Video

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We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our Apollo Automation community! The Apollo Automation MSR-1 mmWave CO2 Multisensor has been featured in a comprehensive review by the popular tech YouTuber Make It Work. In his latest video, 'The Ultimate mmWave Sensor Comparison,' Make It Work puts our MSR-1 to the test, alongside other leading mmWave sensors in the market.

What is the Apollo Automation MSR-1 mmWave CO2 Multisensor?

The MSR-1 is our flagship product, a versatile and compact sensor designed for home automation enthusiasts. It integrates advanced mmWave radar technology with a CO2 sensor, along with temperature, humidity, and pressure sensing capabilities. This makes it a powerhouse for environmental monitoring and smart home integration.

Highlights from Make It Work's Review:

  • Comprehensive Testing: Make It Work delves into the MSR-1's features, examining its performance, accuracy, and ease of integration into smart home systems.
  • Real-World Comparisons: The video offers a practical comparison of the MSR-1 with other mmWave sensors, providing viewers with a clear understanding of its capabilities and advantages.
  • Expert Insights: As a respected voice in the tech community, Make It Work's review provides valuable insights for anyone considering the MSR-1 for their smart home setup.

Why the MSR-1 Stands Out:

  • Advanced mmWave Radar Technology: Offers precise motion detection, vital for automating lighting, security, and HVAC systems based on occupancy.
  • Integrated Environmental Monitoring: With its CO2, temperature, humidity, and pressure sensors, the MSR-1 is a comprehensive solution for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.
  • Compact and Versatile: Designed to be both small in size and powerful in performance, the MSR-1 is suitable for a wide range of applications in smart home automation.

We're honored to have the MSR-1 featured by Make It Work and are delighted by the positive response from the tech community. This review is a testament to the hard work and innovation that goes into our products.

Check out the full video by Make It Work to see the MSR-1 in action and learn more about how it compares to other mmWave sensors in the market.

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