The New Apollo MSR-2 Sensor (ld2410 mmWave Multisensor) - A Community Driven Update!

The New Apollo MSR-2 Sensor (ld2410 mmWave Multisensor) - A Community Driven Update!

We are excited to introduce the Apollo MSR-2 sensor, an updated version of our popular MSR-1, developed with your feedback. The MSR-2 builds on the foundation of the MSR-1, incorporating several incremental upgrades to enhance performance and usability.
What’s New? • Compact Design: The MSR-2 comes in a smaller form factor, making it easier to integrate into your projects and living spaces without compromising functionality.
• Additional Expansion Slot: We've added an extra expansion slot on the back of the board. This allows for extra modularity allowing accessories such as a backwards-facing USB C port to easily hide the cable.
• Updated Sensors: We’ve changed the pressure sensor to the DPS310 for improved accuracy. Please note, the base MSR-2 will only include pressure and temperature, humidity readings from the BME280 on such small boards were difficult to configure. However, humidity sensing can still be added through the optional CO2 sensor module.
For MSR-1 Users: The MSR-2 is designed as an incremental update to incorporate your feedback and is not a major upgrade from the MSR-1. Both sensors will continue to be supported, and updates will be provided as part of our commitment to all our users.
Continued Community Engagement: We will continue our Q&A YouTube series to further discuss the MSR-2, answer your questions, and explore future updates. Join us for our next live session on Monday, May 6th.

Available Now: The MSR-2 is now available for purchase. Visit our website to order yours and to learn more about the update!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We are eager to see how you use the new MSR-2 in your projects and hear your feedback which continually shapes our product evolution.
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